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Tourism Revenues in Greece Have Already Exceed €18 Billion This Year

The Greek Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias, has revealed that this year the income from Greek tourism has already exceeded €‎18 billion.

The announcement was made on Friday, November 18, during a meeting of the presidents of the Hellenic Hoteliers’ Federation held in Thessaloniki on the occasion of the 37th Philonexia exhibition, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

“The Bank of Greece is releasing the official figures in March, but I believe that we have already exceeded the finance ministry’s target of 15 billion euros in revenues, and we will see where it will end,” Minister Kikilias pointed out in this regard.

In addition, Kikilias also said that Greece is considered one of the leading tourism brands worldwide, adding that his country is loved by tourists worldwide, who return almost every summer.

At the end of August, the Greek Minister of Tourism announced that in some areas of Greece, income from arrivals and trips had increased compared to the period before the pandemic.

According to him, in spite of the war in Ukraine started and many other problems such as the pandemic, inflation and the energy crisis hitting the country and the world, Greece’s budget tourism income by that time was around €15 billion.

The data provided by the Bank of Greece (BoG) report also showed that the increase in the number of international travellers arriving in May led to a rise in travel receipts by a total of 536.4 per cent and by 547.9 in the first five months of this year, which means that the figures exceeded April levels.

The same source has revealed that as far as the incoming flows of travellers are concerned, they increased by a total of 672.5 per cent in May of this year and by 552.9 per cent for the January-May period.

As a result, in May of this year, the income from tourism increased to 1.41 billion euros, in comparison to €222 million in the same period last year and to €2.5 million in total in the January-May period.

However, recently the statistics of the Bank of Greece have shown that during this year, there was an increase in the number of international tourists who visited Greece, regardless of problems such as inflation and the war in Ukraine.

In this regard, the BoG said that even though there has been a major increase in the number of international arrivals, the numbers are still below the pre-pandemic levels.

Source : Schengin visa news