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Protest in front of Turkish Embassy in Athens against Turkey’s war crimes

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Kurdish and internationalist demonstrators marched in front of the Turkish Consulate General in Athens on Friday to denounce the NATO state’s war crimes.

A demonstration against the Turkish attacks on Kurdistan took place in Athens on Friday. The protest march, organised by the Kurdish youth movement TCŞ and the Kurdish Cultural Association, continued to the Turkish Consulate General in the Greek capital. In addition to Kurds, numerous internationalists took part in the protest.

The demonstrators carried PKK, YPG and YPJ flags and pictures of Abdullah Öcalan and chanted “Turkey – Terrorist” and “Bijî berxwedana Zapê” (Long Live Zap Resistance). Some participants wore white protective suits and gas masks to point out Turkey’s use of banned chemical weapons in the guerrilla areas in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). Pictures of fallen guerrillas were carried in the first rows of the demonstration. Passers-by reacted to the demonstration with applause.

A minute’s silence was held in front of the Turkish consulate for the martyrs of Kurdistan. The spokesperson of the Kurdish Cultural Association, Erkan Erenci, explained in a speech that the Turkish army cannot break the resistance of the guerrillas and therefore uses chemical weapons. The Turkish state knows no borders and the previous evening bombed an UN-sponsored education centre for girls in Heseke, northern Syria. Four girls were killed in the attack, eleven others suffered injuries, some of them seriously. Erenci called for international attention to Turkey’s war crimes.

Source : ANF