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Mayor Adams Signs Sister City Agreement Between New York City And Athens, Greece

NEW YORK – New York City Mayor Eric Adams today announced the signing of a sister city agreement with Athens, Greece, building on the relationship between the two historic municipalities. Mayor Adams joined Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis at Athens City Hall today in executing the agreement to expand cooperation in tourism, environmental protection, technology, and cultural affairs.

“New York City has always been inspired by Athens’ example — a place where people of different backgrounds come together to seek a better future for themselves and their fellow citizens. The friendship between New York City and Athens is rooted in kinship, in shared values, and in history, and, today, we’re committing to the future of our partnership and laying the groundwork for collaboration. This sister city agreement will allow us to share best practices and address our most pressing challenges,” said Mayor Adams.  “We are going to work together to grow tourism between our two cities, address climate change, commit to cultural cooperation, and more. Athens teaches us that we must always dream and work towards a better tomorrow, and as the world comes back from our darkest days, I am excited to join hands across the Atlantic Ocean with my good friend Mayor Bakoyannis to forge that bright future together. I thank him, all of Athens, for their commitment to this relationship.”

“The ‘City of Wisdom’ and the ‘Big Apple’ are joining forces. To move in tandem, forwards and upwards. Our democratic values of tolerance, equality, and individual freedom are our common starting point. Our citizens and their ideals bring us together, from the Parthenon to the Statue of Liberty and from Astoria to Koukaki. We are proud to give tens of thousands of Greek New Yorkers the opportunity to see the two capitals of their hearts unite,” said Mayor Bakoyannis. “This document serves as a compass that will chart a common path towards strengthening the sustainability and resilience of our cities. It extends our cooperation in the protection of the environment and consolidates a common attitude of zero tolerance towards social discrimination. It also further binds a personal friendship with Mayor Adams, a man of true integrity, a visionary, and a pioneer. His devotion to the people of New York, and hard work for their city, serves as an example for all public officials around the world. This day marks the official beginning of an enduring bond between Athenians and New Yorkers. The historical exchange of populations, ideas, knowledge, and culture between the two cities is from today an institution.”

The sister city agreement — which recognizes the crucial role of cities in the stability, development, prosperity, sustainability, and well-being of their societies and their citizens — focuses on several key issues of collaboration, including:

  • Investigating the organization of joint art exhibitions, festivals, concerts, opera, theater, ballet, or other relevant cultural events;
  • Engaging in information sharing about the resilience of modern urban centers, specifically on topics related to climate change mitigation challenges, prevention of natural disasters, and emergency management, including earthquakes, winter weather emergencies, and wildfires;
  • Exchanging best practices and know-how on the digitalization of municipal services, such as the issuance of official forms, licenses, and electronic applications without requiring the citizen’s physical presence; and
  • Examining appropriate ways to encourage the travel of their citizens to each other’s respective city in order for them to visit their monuments and local landmarks.

“The world has faced deep challenges that go beyond borders and they can only be resolved through collaborations and the sharing of best practices,” said Mayor’s Office for International Affairs Commissioner Edward Mermelstein. “Under the great leadership of Mayor Eric Adams, my office is proud to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with cities globally. This agreement is a shining example of this work and we look forward to collaborating closely with the city of Athens in achieving these objectives.”
Through the Mayor’s Office of International Affairs, New York City also maintains sister city relationships with the cities of Beijing, Budapest, Cairo, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, London, Madrid, Rome, Santo Domingo, and Tokyo. Additionally, the office has engaged hundreds of municipalities around the world regarding key opportunities and challenges to ensure the exchange of best practices.

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