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Top-ranked Student Fights to Restore Lost Grades

A high school senior student who clinched the top spot in his school in the southern province of Antalya, is locked in a battle with official authorities and educational institutions as he faces the threat of restarting his high school education due to the erasure of all his four years’ academic records, leaving him unrecognized as a student.

Kürşat Eren Yurtsever, who began his high school education in the southern province of Kahramanmaraş, moved to Antalya with his family and continued his schooling there, ultimately achieving the top rank in his school.

As he prepares for university entrance exams in his final year, the 18-year-old faced a disheartening revelation a few weeks ago when he attempted to access his previous school records and grades through the Education Ministry’s system.

He discovered that he was no longer registered as a student, and all his grades had been wiped from the records.

Despite persistent efforts from his family, they have been unable to find a satisfactory solution, as both the school administration and educational institutions have been quick to pass the buck, leaving them in a bureaucratic quagmire.

Mehmet Yurtsever, Eren’s father, expressed his frustration, noting that an official even mentioned that if the missing records were not retrieved, Eren might have to retake all four years of high school.

“How can we reset our child, who has excelled and become the top student, back to the first grade? No one takes responsibility; they merely make empty promises. We’ve contacted Kahramanmaraş to obtain the ninth-grade records, but due to an earthquake, there’s no information available. I want my child’s future to be preserved, and I want his scores to be reinstated so he can begin his university life,” the father said.

Kürşat Eren Yurtsever emphasized that his sole aspiration is to graduate as the top student, further his knowledge in industrial automation technology and pursue a university education in this field.

Source: Hurriyet