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Don’t Vote for an Onion That Costs 30 Tl Per Kilo!

The poster “Don’t vote for an onion that costs 30 TL per kilo” on the stand of the Green Left Party in Kadıköy, Istanbul, is one of the things that attracts the attention of the people who are overwhelmed by the economic crisis.

There is less than a month left until the election on 14 May and parties are working non-stop in both election office openings and election stands. The Green Left Party Kadıköy stand is right across the Beşiktaş pier. The slogan “Don’t vote for an onion that costs 30 TL!” became a poster, attracting the attention of many people. The increase in onion and food price inflation has been protested by everyone.

Young people show more interest in the Green Left Party than they expected.

The Green Left Party said that there is still a shortage of electoral volunteers in Kadıköy. Party members issued a call to ensure that on election day there are volunteers in all station polls.

A second call concerns transportation opportunities that, the party said, will be provided especially for those who could not leave their house in Istanbul to go and vote in their own region or those whose registration is still in the earthquake zone.

Signature campaign against eco-crimes

There is another signature campaign being carried out at the stand promoted by ecology organizations. The campaign is against eco-crimes that the environmentalists want to be considered a crime in domestic law in order to defend the right to life.

Source: anfenglish