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Bizonal, bicommunal federation will not form basis of Cyprus solutions says Turkey

A bizonal, bicommunal federation will not form the basis of a solution for the Cyprus problem ever again unless the sovereignty and equal status of Turkish Cypriots is recognised, a report by Turkey’s foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

The annual publication, reported by the Cyprus News Agency, outlined Turkey’s position that it has legitimate rights in the Eastern Mediterranean, and the discriminatory stance the EU has adopted does not contribute to stability and peace in the region.

“No platform or plan in the area that tries to ignore our country will ever be successful. The USA’s withdrawal from the EastMed project proves this,” it said.

For the Cyprus problem, Turkey will continue efforts to find a solution on the basis of establishing two states.

“We continue efforts to enshrine sovereignty and equal international status for our Turkish Cypriot brothers and an end to the unfair embargo and isolation of the Turkish Cypriot people.”

Turkey has supported proposals on cooperation between the two sides for six issues: hydrocarbons, electricity, energy, water, illegal migration and mine clearing, the report said. Cooperation on these fronts will help establish common ground in finding a solution, the foreign ministry noted.

The report also said the borders of Turkey’s continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean were notified to the UN in 2020. “On this continental shelf, where we have sovereign rights, hydrocarbon activities continue with Turkish-flagged seismic survey and drilling vessels. Unauthorised activities of research vessels flying the flag of a third country are not permitted within these borders.”

Referring to Greece, the report said Turkey aims to find a fair solution to solve problems with Greece on the basis of international law but accused it of pursuing a policy which created tension.

“Greece complaining about Turkey to third parties will harm it more.”

The report noted Greece did not have “an honest and honourable approach”, escalating tensions with its statements and a result, Turkey decided to cancel all high-level talks with Greece.

“We took all measures to protect our national security and legal rights.”

Source : Cyprus Mail