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Uzbekistan and Russia Continuing Talks on Gas

Gas imports to Uzbekistan from Russia, previously scheduled from March 1, have not been commenced yet. According to the Ministry of Energy, there is still no specific deal, additional study is ongoing.

Uzbekistan and Russia have not yet reached an agreement. Therefore, the supply of gas from Russia to Uzbekistan did not start as of March 1.

The Ministry of Energy added that both sides continue to study within the framework of the signed roadmap. So far there is no definite agreement.

“Therefore, the import of natural gas from Russia to Uzbekistan has not been started. An additional study continues today,” the ministry said.

Earlier the Ministry of Energy and Gazprom signed a roadmap for gas cooperation on January 24. As per the document, both sides were to discuss the technical and financial aspects of gas supplies, and if an agreement is reached, from March 1, gas supplies through the Central Asia-Center gas pipeline will begin.

Energy Minister Jurabek Mirzamakhmudov said that the country was not going to hand over its energy networks to anyone.

“We will never risk our national interests. It is only about commercial agreements to buy and sell. We will not allow any political conditions here,” Mirzamakhmudov said.

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Uzbekistan and Russia Continuing Talks on Gas