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Belarusian military trained to operate Su-25 attack aircraft

MOSCOW, April 14 – RIA Novosti. Belarusian pilots have completed training on the use of special ammunition from Su-25 attack aircraft, the Russian Defense Ministry said.According to the agency, the training center of the Russian 

Aerospace Forces has completed additional training for the flight and engineering staff of the air force and air defense forces 

of Belarus under the program for the operation and combat use of Su-25 attack aircraft.”The training included both a theoretical course and practical exercises under the guidance of experienced Russian instructors, which made it possible not only to improve the practical skills of the flight crew, but also to master new ways of using modern aviation weapons, including special ammunition,” the Defense Ministry said. .

It is noted that the training program has been mastered by the Belarusian military in full, and the knowledge and skills gained will serve to ensure the military security of the Union State.

Source: ria