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Is Russia Heading Toward an Abortion Ban?

The Soviet Union was the first country in the world to allow abortion, and until this year, modern Russia has had some of the world’s most liberal abortion legislation.

But in recent months, several Russian regions have pursued anti-abortion policies ranging from outlawing the so-called act of “coercing women” into having an abortion — which could also be interpreted as banning any information about safe abortion — to banning the procedure in private clinics.

Instrumental in these widening restrictions has been Women for Life, an anti-abortion foundation that receives the active backing of the government.

In this episode we explore the outlook for reproductive rights in Russia, why these restrictions are taking place now, who is behind these initiatives, and what further restrictions we can expect in the near future.

Joining us are Anna Efimova, a journalist and gender researcher, and Dariana Gryaznova, a lawyer and expert on gender-based violence against women.

Source: The Moscow Times